Saturday, May 8, 2010

You should buy this book!

Night Terrors: An Anthology of Terror, published by Blood Bound Books, is out now and you should buy it.

My story, Are you the Fairest?, is lurking somewhere in the pages of this great book.

Purchase it at Amazon. Now.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why Universal Healthcare is needed.

Mom Passes Away After Lengthy Battle With H1N1
Woman Put Off Treatment After Losing Job, Insurance


Christy Bailey spent six months in the hospital undergoing treatment for complications related to H1N1, but the 26-year-old single mother has lost her fight.

"My mom has always told me that she is right by my side, even though she is not here with me," said her daughter, Kendall Bailey. "I just love her very, very much."
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Bailey became ill in October, but she had lost her job and the insurance that came with it, so she put off getting treatment for days.

In that time, the H1N1 virus severely damaged her lungs and immune system, and Bailey died overnight the intensive care unit of University Hospital.

Doctors told Bailey's family that she would not likely survive her latest setback, and she was hooked up to oxygen and a feeding tube before her death.

"The nurse told us yesterday, if she lives through the weekend that they would be surprised," said Bailey's mother, Verna Jackson.

Her family made funeral arrangements as they prepared for the worst, but they remained hopeful, as Bailey had briefly recovered from a similarly grim prognosis in March.

"Christina is a really strong person and she's been sick for a long time, and she's gotten through it and gotten this far, so we just keep taking care of her the best that we can," said nurse Betsy Linz.

Bailey's daughter, who carries her photo with her every day to school, kept a journal of the things she'd like to do with her mom if she had been able to leave the hospital.

"Go to the pumpkin patch, go to Florida and walk on the beach," Kendall said.

Kendall's friends and teachers held a car wash Saturday intended to help the family pay some of their mounting expenses, but those proceeds will now go to pay for Bailey's funeral.

"We are just hoping for a big turnout to support this wonderful family and this super child," said teacher Lisa Schulte.

The car wash will be held rain or shine from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Advance Auto Parts on Main Street in Hamilton.

Donations may also be made at Fifth Third Bank.

Friday, April 16, 2010

If you see a smile on my face, DO NOT be alarmed.

I am happy.

For once. Seems like that is a rare thing for me anymore. I mean, there have always been aspects of my life I have been happy with- my marriage, my family- but for the most part, I have been miserable for years.

And I'm not on medication. I don't need it for the moment... at least not for that.

Two months ago, I didn't care about anything, let alone if I was alive or dead. I was very seriously considering suicide.

What's with the sudden change?

I have NO fucking clue. I've recently changed several things, so maybe it's just the combination.

I'm going out more. I haven't done that in ages. I might not want to do it, but I forcing myself to move, and once I'm there, I have a ball.

I transferred. Of course, the kids still annoy me sometimes, but I'm am really enjoying my job again. And I can't tell you the last time I ever said that.... if I EVER have. Sure, I'd rather not have to work... but where I am now is a shitload better than where I was a month and a half ago.

I'm slowly changing of I'm eating and trying to lose weight. Since the middle of Feburary, I apparently lost 20 pounds... and didn't know it. Yeah, I was annoyed at first, because I realized that I am such a beast that I didn't realize I was 20 pounds lighter, but then again... I LOST 20 POUNDS. I don't know if I even lost that much when I played basketball in high school. And I've just started Zumba (about a week and a half in), and I swear it's going to kill me, but I like doing it. Me? Enjoy exercise? Who is this person talking? I've lost an additional 5 pounds since last Monday. It's not great, and I'm not doing the Zumba as much as I should be, but I know that it'll be slow going. But I'm going to give it a shot.

I have more energy and I have been sleeping a little better too.

Yeah, every day things still piss me off. But, why waste time complaining about it? There's hockey to go to, Mummies to dance to,, stuff to write, swimming soon, my hubby to love...

I'm a completely different person.

And I think I like me this way.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I hate being a woman.

Why don't women have any self respect for themselves? Why do they have to act like hoes to get anything/ everything, or for no reason at all, other than thinking they're cute? Why do guys fall for it, even if they know the girl isn't interested? She'll bail as soon as she gets what she wants. Guess that works out for the guy too. It's a use/ use situation.

No, I'm not gorgeous, hot, pretty, whatever, but I'm smart. And I'd rather be known for my brains than how much I put out.