Thursday, December 10, 2009

Double standards

Okay... so I generally don't really care about gossip mags, etc. but I happened across this article, and since I was already in a bad mood, I just got more pissed off.

Barbara Walters Shows Gaga's Same-Sex Kiss - But Not Lambert's

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Adam Lambert's controversial kiss at the American Music Awards continues to be kept off the airwaves.

The singer's same-sex kiss during his performance of "For Your Entertainment" at November's awards show was not televised on Barbara Walters' "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009" special on ABC (the network that aired the AMAs) on Wednesday.

"I would do it exactly the same way," Adam told Barbara of the much-discussed performance. "Freedom of expression should be alive and well, and unfortunately, it's not."

However, Barbara did showcase a female same-sex kiss - from Lady Gaga.

The special shows a clip from Gaga's video for the track "Love Game," depicting the singer locking lips with another woman.

"I do like women. I've only been in love with men, I've never been in love with a woman," Gaga explained to Barbara. "I have certainly had sexual relationships with women, yes."

While Barbara had no issue with Gaga's kiss, she made a point of noting she wasn't going to show Lambert's, in favor of spending more time on his interview.

"The CBS Early Show" did a similar thing two weeks ago. After booking Lambert on their show (following his cancellation by ABC's "Good Morning America"), CBS blurred the male-male Lambert kiss, while not blurring a female-female kiss between Britney Spears and Madonna at the 2003 MTV "Video Music Awards."

She didn't show his kiss to "spend more time on his interview". Really? Because I think that's a lame ass excuse.

This is something that has always bothered me... the double standards of men, women, and sex.

Same sex kisses- Girls do it, and 'it's hot'. Hell, a majority of people will pay to see it done. Guys do it, and it's the foulest thing that has ever happened on the face of the Earth.

Men have sex with how ever many women they want, and they're awesome. Women do it, and their hoes/ sluts/ cum dumpsters/ insert- other- nasty- insults- here for life.

And finally, the ignorance of one of my relatives who has a son and, soon, a daughter. If her son got a girl pregnant while he was still a teenager, it wouldn't really be a problem because "he's a boy, and it wouldn't be his responsibility". Now, I always thought it took two to tango, and it was the "problem" and responsibility of both involved parties.

When I asked what would happen if her daughter came home pregnant, the response was: "I'd fucking kill her".

Ah, what a great mother those children have.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I hate people

Why are they so stupid? And why can't they drive? Everyone should have to retake driving exams every year. If you fail, you don't get your license back, and you have to spend 30 in some kind of confinement where the people can publicly taunt and beat you because you're such a fucking moron.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


It makes me feel old when GNR's Paradise City is being played on classic rocks stations.... I remember when that song came out.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Reality Television

I haven't been feeling well for the past week or so, so I have been watching A LOT of crappy television.... mostly VH1. Then I saw a message board post for one of the shows. I didn't even read it, but the title was Why don't sane girls get on reality tv.

The answer: Because sane girls (or guys) do not good ratings make.

Do the viewers actually think, for one split second, that TV people care anything for the people on these shows? I certainly hope not. The only thing that matters is the all mighty buck. Forget peoples' feelings. As long as the ratings and sponsorships are rolling in, who gives a fuck.

And, if this is reality (My Antonio, Tool Academy, Megan Wants a Millionaire, Rock of Love, Survivor, Fear Factor, blah, blah, etc... there are SO many more, but these are just a few off the top of my head), then I want a new reality, 'cuz this one sucks.

Ted Nugent has a new show coming out around January, I think, called Runnin' Wild... with Ted Nugent. The set up seems to be a lot like The Most Dangerous Game, but of course without all of the good stuff.

Maybe we really should have a Battle Royale. The ratings would be great, and we'd thin out the population.... it's a win- win situation.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stupid people annoy me

I love it when people say off the wall stuff trying to impress someone, or more importantly, make them sound smarter. It amuses me, and it just drives my point home- you're an idiot.

I work with this woman that everyone thinks is a saint.... whatever, she might be nice, but it doesn't change the fact that it's actually frightening to work with her because she's SO fucking clueless. She has the potential to put others in harm's way on a regular basis.

Then she makes these ridiculous comments trying to make herself sound cultured (I guess that's what she's trying to do), but I just have to laugh. She should just stick to what she does best... I'm not sure what exactly that is, but it's definitely NOT acting intelligent.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I really hate people today.

Generally speaking, people piss me off on a daily basis, but today... I'm really annoyed. Everywhere I turn, there's some news headline that bugs the shit out of me.

A woman is suing a zoo because she slipped in some water near a dolphin exhibit last fall. Is she really that blind that she can't see a damn splash zone, or is she just a fucking moron? There are too many lawyers in this country, and too many judges that are willing to allow waste of time cases.

Who told actors they were qualified to hold seats in government offices? Although, most of the ones that are holding them are failing miserably, so I guess something different needs to be done.

A law should be passed requiring every citizen in the world to take a series of intelligence tests. If you fail them, you should be drowned in your own feces. We'll thin out the gene pool one way or another, because, unfortunately, Darwinism isn't working fast enough.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go read Harrison Bergeron again.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A First Lady wearing shorts?!?!?

... oh my GAWD! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Who really gives a fuck?

Is there nothing more important going on in the world? No other news stories: failing economy, poor people being kept down by the man, innocent people dying by the hundreds, mother nature attacking small countries, libraries and entire towns flooding, incurable diseases.... anything.... Nothing is more important than Michelle Obama's "Daisy Dukes"? Yes, I actually saw an article that referred to her shorts as that. Seriously? I saw the shorts- her ass was not hanging out.

She was in the Grand Canyon, it's probably pretty warm there. If she wants to wear shorts, who cares? Everyone has to criticize something.

Find a topic that's more important to bitch about.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Town manager fired over marriage to porn star

This is a bunch of bullshit.

Fear of "disruption".... technically, that could happen after anyone gets married, but this wouldn't have happened if he married a banker or a store clerk. They were wed over eight months ago, and there hadn't been any problems .

Give the guy his damn job back.
MIAMI - A town manager who married a porn star last year was fired at an emergency meeting after the mayor and council members learned about it.

Fort Myers Beach town council voted 5-0 to fire Scott Janke "without cause" after Mayor Larry Kiker called the Tuesday night meeting.

Kiker said he learned that afternoon that Janke's wife is an adult film star, and the elected officials took the action a few hours later.

"At no time did we make a judgment call on the activities of Mr. Janke or his wife," Kiker told The Associated Press. "It's a matter of how effective he becomes after this situation. How much disruption there is."

Adult Industry News recently reported that Janke's wife, Anabela Mota Janke, goes by the stage name Jazella Moore.

Kiker said a clause in Janke's contract permitted the council to fire him with a majority vote. He said he considers the Jankes friends.

"Our heads are held high," Scott Janke said. "We have nothing to be embarrassed about. We've done nothing wrong."

Janke said the mayor called him before the meeting, but didn't invite him to attend. He said Kiker called after the meeting to tell him the outcome, and Janke said he hasn't heard from him or any council member since. Janke will get a severance package worth six months salary, which comes to about $50,000, plus health benefits.

Janke said he and his wife were married in October and are taking care of their three teenage children. He wouldn't comment on any possible legal action against the town.